Who is Seneca? (Rome's Greatest Stoic Thinker)

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For a boy born in a tiny village in Southern Spain—some 1,500 miles away from the place he dreamed of making a name for himself—it would please Lucius Annaeus Seneca very much to know we are still talking about him today.

His fellow Stoics wrote at length about the worthlessness of celebrity, the foolishness of chasing posthumous fame, the inevitably of time passing and sweeping our names into obscurity.

Seneca studied those philosophers. He read those writings. He agreed with them.

“The deep flood of time will roll over us,” he wrote. “Some few great men will raise their heads above it.” But most are “destined…to depart into the same realms of silence, [to] battle against oblivion.”

Aware as Seneca was of the improbability of lasting significance, it didn’t deter him. If anything, it propelled him. In a way, it only reaffirmed what he already knew.

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Author: "Osnabrücker Wissensforum" der Universität Osnabrück

39 thoughts on “Who is Seneca? (Rome's Greatest Stoic Thinker)

  1. Seneca realized at an early age, what so many never do, life is short……………… and so he needed a quick profit, so he forced huge unsolicited loans to British Celtic tribes, and demanded that they pay back with interest shortly thereafter……. How stoic

  2. Need an editor for the captions of the narration.
    The "rein" of Caesar? Try reign.
    Running "a fowl" of Nero? It's afoul.
    Also other apostrophe and spelling mistakes.
    Voice to text is not perfect technology

  3. Rome's greatest Stoic thinker is not Seneca but Marcus Aurelius, as Seneca was a power-hungry usurer and hypocrite who was pretty bad at practicing what he preached.

    However, being a student of Stoicism means that we should learn from his writings and words and see his life as a cautionary tale.

  4. I bet he had access to medicine that made him feel well at least temporarily from his his Chronic illness, all you get in the United Tyrannical States is no health insurance and debt inducing medical bills for shit that you don’t need or want. Seneca had it better than most Americans do today. What a bitch.

  5. We not talking about him today I'm just hearing of him and I absolutely love history….. and rome philosophers and historians or phonies and refer to Josephus and claim he was Roman but his own words biography tells who he actually is…

  6. The representations of Seneca with a beard and a full head of hair have long been proven to be inaccurate, the bust of Seneca that was found shows he was balding and clean shaven.

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  8. Am I really the only one commenting on the spelling mistakes in the translation? And English is not even my mother tongue … More importantly, it seems that not everything he says, is true or at least correctly interpreted.

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