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The Meticulous History of Anarchism – IV

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WHAT IS ANARCHISM?WHAT DOES ANARCHISM STAND FOR?WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF “ANARCHY IN ACTION”?WHAT TYPES OF ANARCHISM ARE THERE?WHO ARE THE MAJOR ANARCHIST THINKERS?Anarchism (from Greek αÎ1⁄2αÏÏÏ -anarcho- “without archons,” “without rulers”,Î1⁄2 (without) + ÏÏή (to rule) + Î1ÏÎ1⁄4ÏÏ (from stem -Î1ζÎμÎ1Î1⁄2)) is a political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which support the elimination of all compulsory government (i.e. the state), and is often described as opposition to all forms of authority. Anarchism is defined by The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics as “the view that society can and should be organized without a coercive state.”

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