The Crimes Of The Catholic Church 3

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20 thoughts on “The Crimes Of The Catholic Church 3

  1. That's Very Like, That is The Bad Propaganda of The TRUE Enemy of The True CHURCH FOUNDED BY JESUS CHRIST, Truely not The Church , But the State and The Ruller Hitler was, Remember, the CATHOLIC CHURCH Has No Armed Forces , and the Church is the Institution of Faith of God the Highest Moral Institution which Teaches Love and Forgiveness

  2. The biggest ever paedophile producing organisation ever seen in history and the cover ups, moving priests to new areas to continue offending and refusal to cooperate with authorites

  3. Mr Solomon, are you the one deleting the links? They are proofs that the Catholic church admitted these crimes.

  4. Try to click on the link and tell me if this is a lie. The Catholic Church is always trying to cover up their crimes but history attests to it.

  5. The blood of innocent Jewish people is on the hands of the Vatican and Hitler whatever you bind on earth you bind in heaven where was the love of God to our Jewish brothers and sisters jesus christ himself was Jewish if we hate Israel we hate God woe unto anyone who is anti semitic I warn anyone in church who has that evil spirit yeshua will return and he will judge those whom have done evil and used his name especially against the true apostolic church Jews and gentiles together amen

  6. At 3:17 I can find nothing in the historical record of Pope Pious the 12th having said or written the words about Jewish blood that you ascribe to him..

  7. The people died of thyphus, the red cross on its research said 370 thousand died. What happened to those people is shocking, the British etc blew up the train tracks leading to the camps so food and water was not able to get in.

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