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The Bilderberg Group II – NATO – 9/11 – Madrid – London… ?

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‘The Treaty of Rome [1957], which brought the Common Market into being, was nurtured at Bilderberg meetings.’ (George McGhee, former US ambassador to West Germany)’Bilderberg’ takes its name from the hotel, belonging to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, near Arnhem, where, in May 1954 the first meeting took place of what has ever since been called the Bilderberg Group. Prince Bernhard himself (who, incidentally, was actually German not Dutch) was chair until 1976 when he was forced to resign because of the Lockheed bribery scandal. The possible significance of this group may be gleaned from the status of its participants: the membership comprises those individuals who would, on most definitions, be regarded as members of the ‘ruling class’ in Western Europe and North America-In particular.

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