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The Alternative Medicine Guide by Heinz Duthel, Alternative Medicine from A to Z

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The Alternative Medicine Guide by Heinz Duthel Alternative Medicine from A to Z Therapies Information Acupressure Acupuncture Alexander Technique Anthroposophical Medicine Aromatherapy Art therapy Aura Soma Autogenic Training Ayurveda Bach flower remedies Bates method Biochemic Tissue Salts Biofeedback Biorhythms Bowen technique Buteyko Chiropractic Cognitive and Behaviour Therapies Colonic irrigation Colour therapy Cranial Osteopathy Cranio-sacral therapy Do In Ear acupuncture Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Feldenkrais Method Feng Shui Healing Hellerwork Herbal medicine Holographic repatterning Homoeopathy Hopi ear candles Hypnotherapy Indian Head Massage Iridology Johrei Kahuna Bodywork Kanpo Kinesiology Life-coaching Manual Lymph Drainage Massage therapy McTimoney Chiropractic Medau Movement Meditation Metabolic Typing Metamorphic Technique Naturopathy NLP Norris Technique Nutritional therapy Osteopathy Pilates Polarity therapy Psychotherapy Qigong Radionics Reflexology Reiki healing Rolfing Seichem / Seichim / Sekhem Seiki Shiatsu Sound Therapy Thai Foot Massage Thai Yoga Massage The Journey Thought Field Therapy Toyohari Trager Work Tuina Yoga Zero Balancing

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