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Practical breathing and meditation guide

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PRACTICAL BREATHING AND MEDITATION GUIDE 1. Contemplation of the body 1. Breathing long First Tetrad 2. Breathing short 3. Experiencing the whole body (of breath) 4. Tranquillising the bodily activities 2. Contemplation of feelings 5. Experiencing rapture Second Tetrad 6. Experiencing bliss 7. Experiencing mental activities 8. Tranquillising mental activities 3. Contemplation of the mind 9. Experiencing the mind Third Tetrad 10. Gladdening the mind 11. Centering the mind in samadhi 12. Releasing the mind 4. Contemplation of Dhammas 13. Contemplating impermanence Fourth Tetrad 14. Contemplating fading of lust 15. Contemplating cessation 16. Contemplating relinquishment The Four Satipatthanas and the Sixteen Phases of Anapanasati.

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