PHILOSOPHY – Baruch Spinoza

Spinoza tried to replace the bible with a scientifically-based ethical system. He succeeded in theory – but not in practice. Please subscribe here:
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Author: "Osnabrücker Wissensforum" der Universität Osnabrück

23 thoughts on “PHILOSOPHY – Baruch Spinoza

  1. I find it telling that, despite mentioning that he was exiled from his community (and even survived assassination attempts), you don't mention the role of power and politics on religious adherence. It's not just that individuals like rituals and tradition, it's that violence was/is done to anyone who steps outside them!

  2. Terribly surprising how one has possessed pretty much the same vision of 'God' deep down for years, and here I am, at twenty six, quite unexpectedly learning of one of history's greatest philosophers who actually recognized and identified such beliefs or envisionments… so… I can only conclude with the following: never stop learning. Personal discovery leads to universal discovery.

  3. QUESTION: has anyone ever inclined to accept all of the attributes of the creator, acknowledge them, share them,then keep the actual knowledge of the name of the creator, his reaching out to his creation that was given the ability/attribute to choose , then have people follow his personal expounding of the creator instead of what the creator sent as definitive rules,direction ,law, promise and warning ….. 'there's nothing new on the planet '… 'most people can be fooled most of the time '

  4. Spinosa with the s was a Jewish Sephardic Portuguese that escaped the Portuguese Inquisition because his Parents moved from the South of Portugal to Holland.

  5. And as we all will forever be, limited by the abilities in which gave us survival. We can only understand the world and measure up to what is observable with our senses. I do not believe in god, nor do I detest god. I just believe in today, and in one another. I believe it what is observable and still leave room for the un-.

  6. Spinoza said Jesus was a great philosopher. Jesus claimed to be the messiah and was crucified for it. Spinoza never looked through the lense of the New Testament to see the God of the Old Testament. He wanted a God of nature and one without rules and regulations and consequences. He would love America today.

  7. What I don't like is to call Spinoza a failure because he did not convince people… Spinoza cared about the truth and NOT to get people to believe him or to replace the bible. And in spirit of the philosopher he came to be he choose a new name Benedicto and Ethics was published AFTER his death.

  8. Baruch Jewish. God is physics. Prayer3:00 accept and understand why things happen don't ask for a solution. Probably pantheist. To understand God see how life works. 7:34 what leads people to religion is not reason. Narcissism prayer. Fear is religion. Pantheism is by far fav religion probably one myself. Since I can't disprove God how universe works on its own

  9. Quite francally, this video doesn't do justice to spinoza's philosophy…completely portraired him as someone trying to replace theological dogmatism by his own 'rational' philosophy, and completely abstained from explaining his political philosophy or even his key concept of the 'multitude' and absolute immanence, conatus, potentia and natural right, all of each implicate in his comprehension of God, going as far as suggesting some kind of pantheism…looks like someone took as reference wikipedia's explanation, rather than reading Matheron's, Negri's, Geroult's or Balibar's interpretations.

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