Noam Chomsky & Yanis Varoufakis sprechen über Neoliberalismus, Wirtschaftstheorie & Grundeinkommen

Unterstützen Sie uns mit einem Dauerauftrag, damit wir mehr solcher Projekte für Sie übersetzen können: In diesem Video stellen wir …


8 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky & Yanis Varoufakis sprechen über Neoliberalismus, Wirtschaftstheorie & Grundeinkommen

  1. Thanks varoufacas sorry I've spelt your name wrong and I know you said I'm spoilt but let me give you reasons why I am and reasons why I'm not : first the daft ones as a small child my mother gave me plenty of attention in fact I was treated differently untill my little sister was born, my dad was training up as an engineer to defuse bombs in the army but I had to get that out of him because he was a very private man unfortunately my sister Debbie had this thing we're she kept saying can you keep a secret and not telling me anything so you must forgive me if I went into my library as a youngster broke into the library's system then to NASA and then I was told off so I was timed out and I went out with my tail in-between my toes.
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  2. Can't you just put up the original English version without the German translation? I'l bet more of your viewers are english speaker anyway. I went to the website twice and never found an english version of this vid.

  3. lieben Dank für die Übersetzung. Bin nicht der englischen Sprach mächtig und deshalb freut es mich, das es jetzt auch für mich verständlich ist.

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