My Ladyboy Date: Give love a chance by Duthel, Heinz 3746064252 FREE Shipping



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Format: Taschenbuch
Breite: 15cm Gewicht: 805g
Höhe: 3cm Sprache: Englisch
Anzahl der Seiten: 572 Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Länge: 21cm ISBN: 9783746064253
EAN: 9783746064253

My Ladyboy Date: Give love a chance by Duthel, Heinz 3746064252 FREE Shipping

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My Ladyboy Date Give love a chance The World history of transgender or transsexual people Theorist Anne Fausto-Sterling, in a 1993 article, argued that if people ought to be classified in sexes, at least five sexes, rather than two, would be needed. There is a huge variety of terms and names for transsexual women. If you’ve been using dating sites for a while, you noticed that they have a variety of terms which leads many men to confusion. Even trans women themselves are uncertain of the meaning of some terms. In the Philippines, a lot of trans women wrongly call themselves gay. In Thailand, the term Ladyboy is the most popular. Let’s explain these terms the best we can. Hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of what they mean after you read this guide. Transgender A transgender person is a person whose gender identity doesn’t align with the role society is expecting of them. To better understand the transgender term, you have to be aware that society only recognises two genders; male or female. To make it worse, it is expected to be your gender depending on what your assigned sex was from birth. If you are born with a penis, you are expected to be a man, if you are born with a vagina, you are expected to be a girl. Transgender people do not identify themselves with the gender they were born. Transgender is actually a general term that encapsulates many other labels such as: transsexuals, transvestites, genderqueers, drag queens and drag kings.

EAN 9783746064253
ISBN 9783746064253
ISBN-10 3746064252
ISBN-13 9783746064253
eBay Product ID (ePID) 242482116

Produkt Hauptmerkmale
Format Taschenbuch
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Anzahl der Seiten 572

Gewicht 805g
Breite 15cm
Höhe 3cm
Länge 21cm

Zusätzliche Produkteigenschaften
Hörbuch No
Seiten 572 Seiten
Sprachausgabe Englisch
Inhaltsbeschreibung Paperback
Verlag Books On Demand Gmbh, Books On Demand
Ausgabe 1
Autor Heinz Duthel

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