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Finger Schatten Spiele: – Chinese shade plays – Des jeux d’ombre chinois – Juegos d’ sombras china – (German Edition)

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Finger Schatten Spiele – Chinese shade plays – Des jeux d'ombre chinois – Juegos d' sombras china

Surprise your kids or neighbours with Finger Shadow plays
Easy to learn, image by image instruction.

Überraschen Sie Ihre Kinder oder Nachbarn mit ein paar Finger Schaden spielen. Einfach zu erlernen, Bild durch Bild Anweisung.
A light carefully subdued entrapping drawing fingers as if by magic various forms on a white surface, as is the decor plant shadows.

If this activity seems familiar to all of us, it remains demure a little more complex, which there appears.

A good dose of patience, perseverance and skill will be required to faithfully reproduce the original figures.

But it's worth the candle, and the long hours you spent perfecting the art will be greatly rewarded by the illuminated eyes of children who discover the magic of shadow.

So let the charm and operate your hands this theater a delicate play of light or coexist skilfully theatre and poetry to the delight of your audience for a day!


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