Discover Entdecke Découvrir Jesus

Jesus Christ and Christianity
Gospel harmony – Virgin birth
Ministry – Miracles – Parables
Death – Burial – Resurrection
Ascension – Heavenly Session
Second Coming
Christology – Names and titles
Relics – Active obedience
Jesus and Islam
Islamic views of Mary – Disciples of Jesus in Islam
Islamic view of Jesus’ death
The Second coming
The Mahdi
Jesus in the end of time
The fight with the Anti-Christ
Cultural-historical background
Language spoken
Race – Genealogy
Background of the NT
Perspectives on Jesus
Christian – Lutheran
Jewish – Islamic
Ahmadi – Scientology
Jesus and history
Historicity – Chronology
Historical reliability of the Gospels
Historical Jesus
Comparative mythology
Jesus myth theory
Jesus in the Talmud
Jesus in culture
Depiction – Music

Aramaic of Jesus
Gospel harmony
Virgin birth of Jesus
Ministry of Jesus
Miracles of Jesus
Parables of Jesus
Sayings of Jesus on the cross
Crucifixion of Jesus
Entombment of Christ
Resurrection of Jesus
Ascension of Jesus
Session of Christ
Second Coming of Christ
Names and titles of Jesus in the New Testament
Active obedience of Christ
Relics associated with Jesus
Masih ad-Dajjal
Race of Jesus
Genealogy of Jesus
Historical background of New Testament
Religious perspectives on Jesus
Jesus in Christianity
Scholastic Lutheran Christology
Life of Jesus in the New Testament
Judaism’s view of Jesus
Jesus in Islam
Jesus in Ahmadiyya Islam
Jesus in Scientology
Historicity of Jesus
Chronology of Jesus
Historical reliability of the Gospels
Historical Jesus
Jesus Christ in comparative mythology
Jesus myth theory
Jesus in the Talmud
Gospel of Mark
Codex Sinaiticus
Codex Vaticanuç
Codex Alexandrinus
Textus Receptus
Gospel of Matthew
Gospel of Luke
Second Epistle of Clement
First Epistle to the Corinthians
Temple in Jerusalem
Bartholomew the Apostle
Healing the blind near Jericho
Joseph Barsabbas
Gospel of John
Saint Peter
Incident at Antioch
Paul the Apostle and Judaism
Syriac language
Judas Iscariot
Ben Sira
Aramaic language
He was the Word that spake it;
He took the bread and brake it;
and what that Word did make it;
I do believe and take it.

By Heinz Duthel

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