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Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors & Private Equity Funds DirectoryThe easy way to find and contact investors for your business!Now, you can easily locate and contact more than 5,100 Venture Capital, Angel investors & Private Equity investors in minutes with our powerful and comprehensive worldwide Venture Capital, Angel investors & Private investors Directory.Minimize the amount of time, leg-work and expenses involved in your Venture Capital Funding search.Find VC and PE funding contacts more quickly and efficiently to target the business investors most likely to partner with you!If you are looking for Venture Capital and Angel investors, you need DB Venture Capital Directory . You’ll have instant access to quality and reliable data and information to get your project funded!We Can Help You Get the Capital You Need, No Matter Your Type of Business or Development Stage!Industries supported by our investors: Advertising & Marketing Aerospace Agriculture Biotechnology Business Products Business Services Cellular Cleantech Communication & Computer Networks Computer Hardware Computer Services Consumer Products Consumer Services Defense, Military & Homeland Security Distribution Diversified Education Electronics Energy & Natural Resources Enthusiast, Craft & Hobby Products Environment Financial Services Food & Ingredients Food and Beverage Government Services Healthcare Industrial Products Industrial Services Insurance Internet IT Services Leisure Products and Services Life Sciences Manufacturing Media & Entertainment Medical Devices Medical Services Mining Pet & Animal Products/Services Pharmaceuticals Real Estate, Construction Retail & wholesale Semiconductors Software Technology Telecommunication Tourism & Hotels Transportation Video Games

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