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DB Risikokapitalgeber Verzeichnis – 2019 – 1, DB Venture Capitalist Directory DB Annuaire du capital de risque

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DB Venture Capital Directory DB Risikokapitalgeber Verzeichnis Investors and Investment Companies * All Active Global Venture Capital Firms and Private Investors * Comprehensive, High Confidence Data * Intuitive Browse and Search Functionality * Information on Both Firms and Their Portfolio * Contacts for Thousands of Venture Professionals Firm and private Investors Listings Contain * Firm Website or Private Investor Direct Contact * Primary Office Locations * Primary Mailing Addresses * Primary Telephone Numbers * Primary E-mail Addresses * Names of Firm Management * Management Contact Info * Firm History / Overview * Specific Services Offered * Specific Investment Criteria * Target Investment Sectors * Target Investment Stages * Capital under Management * Portfolio Companies * Date Stamp

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