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Up to 300,000 babies in Spain were stolen from ‘undesirable’ families and trafficked by an unholy alliance of doctors, the Catholic Church and Franco’s Secret police. Now, decades on, some of these stolen children are trying to find their biological families.

The racket began shortly after the Spanish Civil War as a way of stopping a new generation of ‘Reds’ or Republican supporters, from emerging. But it continued until the early 1990s, decades after Franco’s death, for economic reasons. Poor women or single mothers would enter a Church run hospital to give birth and be told that their child had died during labour. The babies would then be placed with ’appropriate’ wealthy families, usually in exchange for a donation.

Lily is one of the thousands of babies illegally adopted. We follow her as she tries to track down her birth family.

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From The Stolen: Spain’s Missing Babies

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10 thoughts on “Crime Documentary | Finding the Families : Spain's Stolen Babies | Real Crime

  1. It seemed to be an interesting program the French voice over was very. Also you didn't leave the translations up long enough to read the whole thing. Also what happened with the woman who had the DNA test you did not tell us. Did she find her mother or not that's why I gave a thumbs down

  2. I'm looking for family in Asturias Spain. My present family left Spain in the 1800's. But my great-great grandmother left family in Spain who never made it to the Dominican Republic. So where are they today? Family last names are, Fernandez, Caba, and Luna! Please contact me here, or Billy Luna in Facebook. Thank you and God Bless

  3. umm did it seriously end like that. Lily had the phone call to find out if that was her biological mom or not and we didnt even get to hear the answer?? why would it end like that? why didnt they let us hear the phone call?

  4. French translations of Spanish with English subtitles! My head is going to explode. Why not throw in a guy doing sign language in German in the corner of the screen??

  5. All they have to do at this point is DNA testing. I hope the magnitude of this comes out for the WHOLE world to see their crimes. And if the church was involved then the Vatican needs to speak on this travesty.

  6. " a way of stopping a new generation of ‘Reds’ or Republican supporters" Are you sure its not "Red" as in communist. Communist are called the Reds and Franco fought against Communism.

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