BGE 100% F2P…14 Month Progress !! | Champions, FW, CB, Dungeons | RAID: Shadow Legends

My 100% F2P 14 month progress report !!! “Ultra” end game, ready?! ⚡Subscribe to the channel: ⚡Don’t …


25 thoughts on “BGE 100% F2P…14 Month Progress !! | Champions, FW, CB, Dungeons | RAID: Shadow Legends

  1. Can't get enough of that intro.

    Other wannabe F2Ps back in Foli fusion: P2W WHALE GARBAGE. I QUIT. GAME STARTS DYING WITH THIS!
    BGE: Hold my credit card. Also burn it. I mean that literally.

  2. Rotos is great on his own, much better then Foli. I think your gear is a bit too weak for him. You need that 100% crit rate or his a3 can fail. If his a3 fails, he's useless. I've got mine with 33k hp, 4.7k atk, 100% crit rate, and 255% crit damage. I have yet to find a tank or revive champion who can survive his a3 and few can survive his a2 with def down.

  3. Thanks for sharing amazing account! 🙂 I would like to become a content sharing person just like you, Salt, Jgigs, Hell Hades etc. How do you film the computer screen so I can show my account and share tips and tricks to become AMAZING and reduce rookie mistakes.

  4. Hi mate,

    I ve just build a Zavia. I took some time to understand that the poison burn (a3, burning of all poisons) is purely based on attack number. It cannot crit. So if you have some heavy poisoners in the roaster, just stack her up with attack, focus on this first, crit rate and dmg after.
    Also prioritise cruel set on crit rate and crit dmg set. Same for masteries. Helm smasher (ign defence, rather than the 20% crit rate boost).

    Hope this is useful info. Cheers.

  5. Nice progress bro.. You definitely have some nice champions and options for Arena and such.. That BEK pull bro, happy to see you putting him to good use.. 😁

  6. Man you have a very nice voice. No homo and no offence, not like you have much choice in the first place but Salt for example has pretty squeeky and annoying one 😝 yours I enjoy listening. Cheers

  7. As soon as I got my mausoleum mage I began the grind to 6* him and use him in arena. I made mine as fast as I could for to cycle his buffs and went very similar masteries to yours. He is amazing

  8. WHO HOO Thanks Free to PLay CHampion. 101 days f2p. I have 3 leggo and 5 going on 6 six stars. On page four of the missions. Nysean elves, Assassins guild and Magi faction.

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