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Child abuse in the Catholic Church was long a taboo subject, kept under wraps by senior church dignitaries. But in the pursuit of justice, the Church’s inactivity eventually prompted the victims of child abuse to take matters into their own hands.

“For too long the Church has denied, ignored and hushed up abuse. The victims are entitled to justice.” In September 2018, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, head of the German Bishops’ Conference, uttered these words and apologized to all victims of sexual abuse by Catholic officials in Germany. But Matthias Katsch, one of the most prominent representatives of victims in Germany, maintains that the Church’s handling of abuse remains problematic even now. A former pupil at the private Canisius-Kolleg school and spokesperson for the “Squared Table” victims’ initiative uncovered the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Germany in 2010. For over thirty years, his abusers’ crimes had stayed covered up. Then, Matthias Katsch and his former classmates broke the silence when they turned to the public with accusations against their former teachers – Jesuit priests Peter R. and Wolfgang S. And what happened next? Not much, it seems. Both men were spotted in Chile after 2010. Impatient with the lack of progress, Matthias Katsch took matters into his own hands and set out to Chile to find the abusers – and their next victims. Filmmaker Eva Müller went with him.

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45 thoughts on “Abuse in the Catholic Church | DW Documentary

  1. I wonder where to report when something like this is happening and it's in knowledge someone whose conscience is clear. All the bullying happens in church still. I really want to know where to report. If anyone knows kindly help me. Thanks

  2. These people live by axioms such as, "Forgive and Forget" and "Time heals all wounds". Well, all I can say is, when you've had your childhood ripped away from you, to satisfy the lust of predatory adults, you can never forget it and no matter how much time that has elapsed, you still see it in your mind like it was yesterday.

  3. The one thing Sister Caroline is right about is that you can not believe the main stream media, they always have an agenda and are more than likely lying.

  4. I am strictly non religious. I find where there are organisations, there is child abuse. Sexual Preditors know where the children are. The church, girl guides, the scouts, orphanages, Big brother. They are hang outs for low life MAGGOTS.

  5. This why I lost interest in being catholic. Also lack of evidence supporting the claims made by such an institution.

  6. The Catholic church does not worship the same God that we do! I'm talking about the leaders & the world will learn about that one day soon! So typical that the priests names were not given for their protection, whereas the victim, who wasn't protected does 🤨

  7. I think the nun knew a whole lot about Peter R's crimes. She immediately engaged in minimizing and worse, victim-blaming. I found her an appalling accomplice. Her body language reeked of lies.

  8. Imagine the nun being more concerned about how to help the perpetrator and just lip service for the abuses girls… this is one painful thing about my religion. It is sad, infuriating and disappointing. IT HAS TO STOP!

  9. Obviously no females at any age should ever go anywhere alone. They should only go with 1 or 2 other females, or even larger groups. And we need to give a UBI to every person worldwide so that’s possible!

  10. If you are convicted of this crime, one bullet would do the trick. Then the next person who wants to play with children will think twice.

  11. Yes sister Carolina and how many million euro is sister Carolena getting every yr from Germany oh 5 million eruo that's a lot of hush money b

  12. She is a wicked and denial woman just like him. Smh these are the ppl these parents are trusting their children with.😟😔😡🤬

  13. If the Catholic Church wants to take a step in the right direction, they could start with not just dismissing the brothers, priests and nuns that are complicit with these crimes(including the Pope), but also turn over all evidence to the proper authorities in every country so that any who can be prosecuted may be done so as well as excommunicating them entirely from the Church.

  14. Dont these oldies have any conscience…..shameless.. how do they even sleep at night carrying all those lies and supporting abusers..

  15. My dad was abused by priests AND nuns! He said a nun was molesting him in room, she stopped and told him “wait here Bobby I will be back!”..it was dark and he got scared so he went to look for her, opened a door and saw her on a table and a priest was on top of her!

  16. Public castration of these monsters ,tie a guitar e string to the sack and let them jump off a 2m platform.

  17. Wtf is wrong with the old woman and church administrator…. They are no more better then the perpetrators.

  18. I don't believe the Nun. if she said anything, she'll loose money that's supporting her from him. 😢

  19. absolutely disgusting!!! shame on the diocese for hushing up these ugly acts not once but all the time, the most disgraceful people!! literally preaching one thing and practicing another, can't wait for the predators as well as the hushers to rot in hell, my stomach literally flips when I hear catholic and children! Karolina doesn't deserve the praise she gets, i dont care she"s a nun, but she is horrible

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